What Plant Looks Like Bromeliad

Bromeliads are beautiful plants that come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Often people mix them with other plants in their landscape. So what plant looks like Bromeliad?

Aloe Vera, Yucca, Oyster Plants, Sweet Iris, and Snake plants look like bromeliad plants. These plants are often confused with bromeliads because of their similar appearance and caring needs.

Here, we will learn about the similarities and differences between these plants. So let’s dive into this article.

What Plant Looks Like Bromeliad

Can I Use the Same Care Tips for the Plant That Looks Like a Bromeliad as I Would for an Actual Bromeliad?

When it comes to plants that resemble bromeliads, applying the same care tips as you would for an actual bromeliad is crucial to care for a bromeliad effectively. Ensure they receive indirect sunlight, maintain a moderate humidity level, and water them cautiously, allowing the soil to dry out partially between waterings. Remember, consistent care is vital for the health and flourishing of plants resembling bromeliads.

Plants That Look Similar to Bromeliad

One of the good house plant choices is the Bromeliad. But what if you want something similar that is a little easier to take care of?

Here are some plants that look similar to a Bromeliad.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe is a succulent plant that grows in a hot climate. It is easy to take care of, as it doesn’t require much water. These plants can be found almost everywhere in the world.

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  • Aloe leaves are green and have a similar shape to Bromeliad leaves. They both have a rosette shape.
  • They need exact caring requirements as bromeliads do. Both plants bloom once in their lifetime.
  • Both can produce snowy white blossoms when it’s about flowers.
  • Partial sun exposure is suitable for both of them.


  • The main difference between these two plants is they belong to a separate family. Aloe is a member of Asphodelaceae family, while Bromeliad is a part of the Bromeliaceae family.
  • Also, bromeliads are epiphytic plants, which means they grow on other trees, while Aloe is cactus, which means they thrive on the ground in a hot and dry climate.

2. Banana Yucca

A beautiful succulent plant example is yucca. Many confuse Banana yucca with bromeliad plants because of their similar appearance.

But if you take a closer look, you can differentiate them with flowers and some other characteristics. 


  • Both plants have a rosette shape.
  • The leaves of both plants are long and sharp.
  • Bromeliad and yucca are monocot plants.
  • Both of them are drought tolerant.


  • Yucca blooms flowers yearly, while ananas takes around two years to blossom flowers.
  • The main difference is yucca is a part of Asparagaceae while ananas is a part of Bromeliaceae.

3. Oyster Plant

This beautiful plant is also known as Boat lily and Moses in the Cradle. However, Oyster Plant has beautiful colorful foliage, which is why people mix them with Neoregelia Bromeliad.


  • Oyster and Bromeliad plants have eye-catching colorful leaves and flowers.
  • Both of them are epiphyte plants which means they can grow without soil.
  • These plants thrive well in partial sun.
  • Frozen weather is dangerous for both plants.
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  • They belong to a different family. Oyster plant is a member of Commelinaceae, while Bromeliad is a part of Bromeliaceae family.
  • Bromeliad has a tank in the center of their rosette, which stores water, while Oyster plant doesn’t have any water-holding tank.

4. Sweet Iris

The sweet iris is a beautiful plant that is native to Mediterranean countries. This plant is also known as Orris Root.

Sweet Iris blooms flowers that have a lovely fragrance. The flowers of this plant are used to make perfumes.


  • Both Bromeliad and Sweet Iris have beautiful colorful flowers.
  • These two plants have long and similar-shaped leaves.
  • Sweet Irish is also a drought-tolerant plant like a bromeliad.
  • Both of them require well-drained soil to grow.


  • Sweet Iris is a member of Iridaceae, while Bromeliad is a part of Bromeliaceae family.
  • These plants bloom yearly, while Bromeliad blooms flowers once in their lifetime.

5. Snake Plant

The snake plant is a beautiful succulent plant that is native to Africa. This plant is also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue.

The snake plant is easy to take care of, as it doesn’t require much water.


  • Both Bromeliad and Snake plants have beautiful colorful flowers.
  • The leaves of both plants are long and have a similar shape.
  • Both of them are drought-tolerant plants.
  • They need well-drained soil to grow.


  • The significant difference between these two plants is they belong to a different family. The snake plant is a member of Asparagaceae, while Bromeliad is a part of Bromeliaceae family.
  • Snake plants don’t store water as bromeliads do.
  • Bromeliads bloom once in their lifetime, while Snake plants bloom every year.
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Final Words

Bromeliad plants are popular and known for their exotic and unusual appearance.

And over their 3000 species, you can confuse them with any plant with a similar appearance.

However, aloe and oyster plants are hard to believe that they are not Bromeliad. It was the water-storing ability that made them separate from bromeliads.

Hope this article helps you to fill the query about what plants that looks like Bromeliad.

Next time you see a plant that looks like Bromeliad, don’t forget to check for the key features.


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