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Harry E. Luther
Harry E. Luther

Harry Luther is the founder and chief plant enthusiast here at PlantPat.

As a lifelong plant lover, he has spent years cultivating his passion for indoor plants and educating himself on plant care and maintenance.

Plants can bring life, beauty, and a sense of calm to any indoor space. We want to help you create your own indoor space with plants.

No matter your experience level or plant preferences, we’re here to provide expert advice and guidance to help your indoor garden thrive.

What You’ll Find on PlantPat

We share plant care tips and tricks to in-depth articles about various types of indoor plants:

  • Plant Care Guides: Caring for your indoor plants with easy-to-follow guides on watering, pruning, repotting, and more.
  • Plant Profiles: Different types of indoor plants, including popular favorites like pothos and bromeliads.
  • Plant Styling Tips: Sharing inspiration for using plants in your home décor.
  • Plant Shopping: Discover the best places to buy indoor plants, both online and in person. Plus the key factors to consider when selecting your new leafy friends.
  • Gardening Tips: Our main focus is on indoor plants. But we also offer advice and information for those interested in outdoor gardening.

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We try our best to write accurate, reliable, and up-to-date guides on indoor plant care. These are based on extensive research, and a genuine love for all things plant-related.

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